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Artist Manufacturer, wholesaler supplier and exporter of Indian handcrafted natural stone, semi precious gem stone religious statue, sculptures, handicraft, marble paintings, artifacts and monuments.

Ojas Handicraft makes hand crafted real authentic colored precious gemstone and semi precious gemstones religious statue, sculpture, handicraft and Indian artifact. The gemstones used are Thyst, Garnet, Turquoise, Onyx, Colndian agate, Calcedony, Green aventurine, Black onyx, Canel agate, Melakite, Red adventure, Red jasper, Sodalito, Yellow agate, Peridot, Blood stone, Surpentise, etc.

In precious gem stone and semi precious gemstone religious statue and sculpture made by us, we use original and all natural gemstone, no plastic or any other artificial material are used. The gemstone statue and sculpture remain intact for centuries. We have a wide variety of gemstone statue in different Subjects, Sizes and Carats. We have more then 500 different gemstone statues on Indian art, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian Catholic religious statue, Wildlife and Animal statue like eagle, horse, dolphin statue etc, Mughal, Lady figure and other subject gemstone statue etc.

Given below are a selected few real authentic all natural GemStone religious statues, small in size, exotic and good value for money. They are easy to carry along. This makes them a must have for anyone who trusts in God and its powers. The prices are at par with Jaipur prices, which is famous for Handicraft. So, buy directly from Jaipur Handicraft manufacturer and save!

We have no minimum order quantity. We are pleased to supply whether your order is for 1 or 100 pieces. Attractive discounts are offered for bulk quantity. Please feel free to contact us for your any other specific requirements. We can manufacture any kind of gem stone statue or carving sculpture as per the customer's required design or photograph.

Gem Stone Statues of Hindu Gods

Transparent crystal Gemstone God Ganesh Statue with his two rats made of all natural stone spatic crystal gemstone
Gemstone God Ganesh Statue with his two rats
Item code: H1
Made of Transparent Spatic Crystal gem stone
Weight: 10Kg
Size: 11"x4.25" (HxW)
US$ 800 / Rs. 36,000

Hand made crystal gem stone sculpture of Hindu God Shivalingam Gemstone Sculpture of Shivlangam
Item code: H2
Made of Transparent Spatic Crystal gem stone
Weight: 70 gms
US$ 32 / Rs. 1,400

Front View of Green color gemstone God Ganesh statue made of Green Aventurine - a semi precious gem stone Back View of Green color gemstone God Ganesh statue made of Green Aventurine - a semi precious gem stone
Front View                   Back View
Green Gemstone God Ganesh statue
Item code: H3
Made of Green color (Leaf color) Aventurine gem stone
Weight: 13 Kg
US$ 2600 / Rs.1,17,000

Gem Stone Shree Yantras for Laxmi Pooja and Prosperity

Hand made transparent spatic crystal gemstone Yantra
Transparent Yantra
Item code: Y1
Made of Transparent Spatic Crystal gem stone
US$ 134 / Rs. 6,000

Hand made statue of Nepal Stoopa made of Red Aventurine Gemstone
Nepal Stoopa
Item code: Y2
Made of Red Aventurine gem stone
US$ 934 / Rs. 42,000

Hand crafted Green color Aventurine gemstone Yantra
Aventurine Green Yantra
Item code: Y3
Made of Green color Aventurine green gem stone
Weight 1.5 Kg
US$ 300 / Rs. 13,500

Gem Stone Statues of Jainism, Buddhist and Chinese Feng Shui

Indian religious and cultural artifact, statue made of Surpentise gemstone.
Front                                     Back
Gemstone Statue of God Parshwanathji and Padmawati ji (Jainism)
Item code: J1
Made of Surpentise gem stone
US$ 434 / Rs. 19,500 (One Piece)
US$ 28,889 / Rs. 13,00,000 (24 Statue Set)

Buddha statue made of Made of Gropes Color Gemstone.
Gemstone Budhha Statue
Item code: B1
Made of Grapes Color Light green gem stone
Weight: 200 Kgs
Size: 30"x10" (HxW)
US$ 17,778 / Rs. 8,00,000

Laughing Buddha statue Made of Melakite (Danafivangi) gemstone.
Chinese Feng Shui Laughing Buddh Statue
Item code: F1
Made of Melakite (Danafivangi) green gem stone
Weight: 600 gms
US$ 294 / Rs. 13,200


Business Terms:

  • Payment by International Bank Telegraphic Transfer - SWIFT

  • P&F, Transportation, Courier charges extra as applicable.

  • Delivery within 2 working day of clear and confirm order.

  • Local Taxes, import duties are extra and payable at the point of taxation.

  • Please email us your complete address, item code and quantity for definite Performa invoice.

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Artist manufacturer, exporter and wholesale supplier of stone sculpture, semi precious gem stone religious statue, handicraft and Indian artifact like buddha statue, Hare rama and krishna, shiva, fengshui and green gem stone ganesh statue
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